Creating a Policy to Restrict User Access in Citrix Xenapp in Citrix XenApp 6.5

8:51 PM

    Create a new user policy called "Restricting Local Data Transfer" and add a setting to prohibit client clipboard redirection.
    1. Use the Group Policy Management console on the XenAppServer machine to edit theDefault Domain Policyand access the Citrix User Policies node.
    2. Click Start >Administrative Tools >Group Policy Management.
    3. Navigate to Forest: > Domains >
    4. Right-click Default Domain Policy and select Edit.
    5. Navigate to User Configuration >Policies >Citrix Policies.
    6. Click New, type Restricting Local Data Transfer and click Next
    7. Click ICA and select Client clipboard redirection.
    8. Click Add and then select Prohibited.
    9. Click OK to add the setting.Add a setting to prohibit client drive redirection.
    10. Click File Redirection under the ICA category and select Client Drive Redirection.
    11. Click Add and then select Prohibited.
    12. Click OK to add the setting.Create a filter that applies this policy against all domain users.
    13. Click Next to continue to the filters screen.
    14. Select User, click Add and then click Add in the New Filter window.
    15. Verify that Allow is selected in the Mode drop-down menu and type domain\DomainUsers in the User name field.
    16. Click OK to save the new filter element.
    17. Finish adding filters, enable the policy and then save it.
    18. Click OK to close the New Filter screen.
    19. Click Next to finish adding filters.
    20. Verify that Enable this policy is selected and then click Save.

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