How to profile an Application in Citrix Xenapp in Citrix XenApp 6.5

8:55 PM

  1. Logged in as the CitrixAdmin user for this task to Win 7 VM
  2. Log on to the Profiler-Win7 virtual machine using your CitrixAdmin credentials.
  3. Using the Citrix Streaming Profiler create a profile called Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Click Start > Streaming Profiler to open the Streaming Profiler.
  5. Click New Profile to launch the New Profile Wizard and then click Next.
  6. Type Mozilla Firefox as the Profile name and click Next.
  7. Use the default User Updates and Inter-Isolation Communications options and verify that Windows 7 is selected as the target operating system. Specify to profile for all languages.
  8. Click Next to accept the default settings for User Updates.
  9. Click Next to accept the default settings for Inter-Isolation Communication.
  10. Verify that Windows 7 is selected as the Target operating system. The Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 target operating systems will also be checked.
  11. Click All Languages in the target language section and then click Next.
  12. Use the Quick Install option and specify the \\servername\Software\Firefox Setup3.6.3.exe installer.
  13. Select Quick Install and click Next.
  14. Click Browse, navigate to the \\servername\\Software\ click Firefox Setup3.6.3.exe and then click Open.
  15. Click Next to continue with the New Profile Wizard.
  16. Install Mozilla Firefox from within the Streaming Profiler using the default options.
  17. Click Launch Installer to launch the Firefox installer.

    The Mozilla Firefox Setup window opens.
  18. Click Next on the Welcome screen and click Next to choose the default Standard Setup Type.
  19. Click Install to begin the Firefox installation and then wait for the Firefox installer to finish before continuing.
  20. Deselect Launch Firefox now and click Finish.
  21. Use the Streaming Profiler to launch Firefox and run through its initial configuration without importing any settings and then close Mozilla Firefox.
  22. Click Next in the Run Installer window.
  23. Click Mozilla Firefox and click Run to launch Firefox and go through the initial configuration screens. The application opens.
  24. Click Don't import anything in the Firefox import wizard screen and then click Next.
    After a few moments, Firefox appears.
  25. Click File > Exit to exit Firefox. Click Quit to confirm
  26. Click Next in the New Profile wizard.
  27. Complete the Profiling wizard using the default choices and then save the profile to the\\server\Profiles folder.
  28. Click Next in the Select Applications screen to accept the default settings.
  29. Click Next in the Sign Profile screen to accept the default settings.
  30. Click Finish to build the profile.

    The profile for Mozilla Firefox builds.
  31. Click File > Save As and type \\server\Profiles as the profile save location and then click Save.
  32. Shut down the Win7 machine.

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